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Supporting businesses across Fife

Climate Action Fife works with small and medium-sized businesses, community buildings and third-sector organisations in Fife to help reduce energy use and food waste. We want to help businesses to cut carbon, save money and develop a zero-waste food culture.

Climate-friendly Top tips

From monitoring energy use to being creative with menus, there are lots of easy ways to become more climate-friendly. Our handy checklist of top tips (pdf) can help you take the first steps toward reducing energy use and cutting out food waste in your business.

These tips are a great start. If you would like to reduce the carbon in your business even more and save money while you are at it, Climate Action Fife can help you!

Support for businesses

We can support your business in taking climate action. We can help you:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Access funding
  • Collect and analyse data
  • Use data to successfully bring about lasting change
  • Identify food waste and help to take action to reduce it

Reducing energy use

It can be hard to find reliable information about how to reduce energy use. We can help businesses access support from Business Energy Scotland. They provide free impartial support and access to funding to help save energy, money and carbon. Working alongside expert and impartial energy advisors, we can provide advice to households and micro-businesses and those working at home.

We can help small businesses, community groups and third-sector organisations reduce their CO2 emissions as well as energy bills. We’ll break down your current bill and show you where and when you use the most energy. We can also carry out a basic energy audit.

We can also help you with:

  • Making your business more cycling-friendly
  • Accredited Climate KnowHow training for your team
  • Finding and applying for funding to make changes

We have helped lots of businesses across Fife become more energy-efficient and reduce their energy bills. Read our case studies to find out more.

Case studies

DnA Barbers (pdf)
Kangus Coffee House (pdf)
YMCA Glenrothes (pdf)
Motorfits (pdf)
The Golf Hotel (pdf)

Reducing food waste

The UK hospitality sector generates more than eight million tonnes of CO2 a year and annual energy is costing the industry more than £1.3 billion. Food waste generated by the UK hospitality sector costs, on average, £10,000 per venue per year. That’s the equivalent of one in every six meals served going in the bin.

There is mounting pressure on food businesses to deal with food waste. It is a known issue for the sector, but often low on the “to-do” list. Often it is unclear where to start and what exactly to do to reduce wastage. This is where our Business Outreach Coordinator can help.

Working with Zero Waste Scotland, we use a food waste tracker to help you gather data on where food is wasted. You can then act to reduce your waste. For example, if the biggest waste is food left on the plate by customers, offering them ‘good to go’ boxes will help to create a zero-waste culture.

We offer free support and advice on:

  • Food waste management – Measuring plate waste, preparation waste and spoilage separately` will give you an idea of which waste to tackle for the biggest impact. Using Zero Waste Scotland’s food waste tool, for a month we can pinpoint exactly where the most spoilage occurs.
  • Food waste sharing apps – Help with figuring out the best application for your business to share unwanted food at a price and time that is best for you.

Get in touch

If you would like help to reduce the carbon footprint of your business contact Business Outreach Coordinator Louise Oliver. Email

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