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Climate Engagement and Knowhow

Making Fife a more climate literate place

Talking about the climate emergency is one of the most powerful things you can do to tackle it. Our range of events, workshops and training will help get the conversation going. Participants will gain knowledge, skills and confidence to take action where they live. We want to make Fife a more climate literate place, where talking about climate change is the norm.

Fife climate knowhow

Talking about the climate emergency with friends, neighbours and colleagues is one of the best ways to create lasting change. One major barrier to having these conversations is the worry that you don’t know enough.

Take part in our free climate literacy training to gain the confidence to talk about the science, causes and impacts of climate change. You’ll also find out about the actions we can take to mitigate it. We also offer a range of shorter workshops, events and talk – both online and in person.

The Climate Literacy Project has accredited all of the Climate Action Fife partners who deliver training.

Youth engagement

Youth 1st’s Climate Action Fife Youth Worker is delivering a climate action programme aimed at young people aged 10-25.

This programme includes engagement sessions, young volunteer development and training. Participants can receive accreditation through Youth Participation Awards.

Campaigns and events

We’re developing some exciting campaigns to encourage people to take climate action. We also organise talks, workshops and events across Fife, including a Fife Climate Festival. Our events and workshops get the climate conversation going, share what is happening locally and provide a spark of inspiration.

Our events include litter picks, workshops on how to talk about climate change, climate-friendly home tours and garden open days. Find out what’s coming up on our events page.

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