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Climate Action Fife Community Tree Fund

The Climate Action Fife Community Tree Fund aims to raise £30,000 to support tree planting in Fife.

Trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment. They are a natural ally in tackling the climate crisis. They lock up carbon, reduce pollution and flooding. They support people, wildlife and farming in adapting to the climate crisis.

Woods and trees are also good for our health and well-being, improving the places we live, work and play. The Climate Action Fife Community Tree Fund supports people across Fife to plant and look after trees to realise these benefits.

Where your donation will be used

Donations to the Tree Fund support activities that fit under the principles of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People and which are not covered by other grants, including:

  • Fruit trees to support the A Fruit Tree for Every Garden in Fife campaign.
  • Trees for urban areas, where more expensive larger trees are needed.
  • Replacing diseased trees such as ash.
  • Hedgerow tree planting which can’t be funded through other grant schemes.
  • Purchasing non-plastic tree protection.
  • Maintaining new tree planting and community woodlands, which can’t be funded through other grants.

Other ways to HELP

There are lots of ways to help tackle the climate emergency by planting trees and caring for Fife’s trees and woods. You could:

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