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Fife Climate Forest

Our vision: Connect, Grow, Thrive

Looking after trees is very important for our planet’s health. Fife Climate Forest is a partnership working together to protect the trees we already have and plant new trees. Every tree counts and even small actions can help biodiversity and combat climate change.

Connect communities together with a shared vision about trees, woods, and forests. Help nature to recover by creating bigger, better, connected areas.

Key aims:
  • Encourage communities to work together to make the environment healthy and green.
  • Create a place that appreciates every tree.
  • Link woodlands with new trees and hedgerows to help wildlife move between them.
Key aims
  • Plant trees in urban areas to provide shade, reduce heat, and manage stormwater.
  • Combine planting trees with farming and community growing.
  • Support communities to build wealth and develop skills.

Support thriving and resilient places for people and nature.

Key aims
  • Improve health and wellbeing by creating more accessible greenspaces.
  • Protect Fife’s trees and create woodland areas to store carbon and support biodiversity.
  • Enhance the landscape by tree planting along riversides and creating hedgerows.
  • Help trees to withstand climate changes, like pests and diseases.
  • Promote wildlife conservation and biodiversity within Fife’s urban and rural treescapes.

HOw to get involved

Postcards from the Future competition

We are inviting you to share your vision for Fife Climate Forest. Think about the words connect, grow and thrive. Create some art that fits on a postcard and leave a message for Fife’s Trees, Woods and Forests.

There are two separate categories, one for school children aged 5-12 and another that anyone can enter. For inspiration, read our short guide: Let’s Explore Trees in Fife: A Guide for Children and Young People (pdf).

Deadline for entries: Thursday 1st August.

Post your artwork to Pitcairn Centre, Moidart Drive, Glenrothes, KY7 6ET or email

Winners will be announced at the Fife Climate Festival gathering on Saturday 5th October. Your artwork may be used to help fund and promote the Fife Climate Forest.

Open category

Poster (pdf) | template (pdf)

Schools (5-12 years old)

Poster (pdf) | template (pdf)

More ways to help trees and woods in Fife

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