Mr. Jackson

Our Vision

We have a vision for a low carbon Fife

Climate Action Fife’s partners share a vision of a Fife where everyone is working together towards a low carbon future.

We want to live in a world where everyone understands the need for climate action. Where everyone is working together towards a low-carbon future. We want Scotland and the UK to continue to show global leadership that builds on the COP26 summit.

In Fife, we want our local authority and public sector, businesses, third sector, communities and individuals to work together to make the region a greener and fairer place to live. 

This is the future we want to see

Empowered individuals and families are making climate friendly choices. Young people are heard and supported to lead their own climate initiatives. Climate action is for everyone, it is inclusive and diverse. 

Our homes are energy-efficient; our neighbourhoods are greener and more resilient to flooding. Fewer journeys are by car and food waste is history.

All Fife towns will have a community-led environmental group. The groups are working with local partners across all sectors to play a key role in climate action in their area. They will also work together as members of the Fife Communities Climate Action Network.

Businesses and charities know where to go for advice and support. They  take action to reduce energy use and waste, and showing leadership to the people they serve. The move to a circular economy, where ‘waste’ is a resource, is well underway.

Fife Council and the rest of the public sector take significant steps in innovation, finance and governance, and how ‘business as usual’ is conducted, based on their Climate Fife commitments. The public sector act as a positive role model to inspire others towards a ‘climate friendly, climate ready and climate just’ Fife.

We will work to make this vision a reality through Climate Action Fife

Our project will enable communities to take the lead in tackling the climate emergency. We have brought together a strong partnership, and through the Climate Action Fund  we have the resources needed to deliver our shared vision.

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