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Climate Friendly Food

You are what you eat

Food accounts for around a quarter of the world’s carbon footprint. The choices we make about what food to eat and buy can be an important part of climate action.

Climate Action Fife brings together groups involved in community food to support climate action. These include food hubs, pantries and community cafes. We deliver courses, workshops and campaigns promoting low-carbon food choices.

We also work with the Food4Fife Partnership (part of Sustainable Food Places). This helps to support partnership working, share best practice, and identify opportunities to promote climate-friendly food.

Check out our events page for upcoming activities.

Chefs for the Future

Plant-based cooking will be an important skill for chefs in the future. Greener Kirkcaldy and Fife College help budding chefs learn how to cook delicious vegetarian and vegan food.

Students at the college receive training in plant-based cooking and take part in an annual competition. This encourages students to produce delicious dishes and products using a range of fresh ingredients.

We also deliver Chefs for the Future training to chefs in community food projects and local businesses.

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