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Climate Friendly Homes

take climate action in your home

The energy used to heat and power our homes makes up around a third of our individual carbon footprints. We want to help people tackle the climate emergency at home by providing them with impartial information on how they can reduce their impact.

Making your home more climate-friendly can have lots of benefits alongside reducing your carbon emissions. These include a warmer and more energy-efficient home and lower energy and repair costs.

make your home more climate-friendly

Energy advisors from Greener Kirkcaldy and St Andrews Environmental Network offer free and independent advice through Cosy Kingdom. We can help you reduce energy use and make lasting carbon reductions through an innovative programme of home visits, workshops and online communications.

We can offer advice on:

  • Improving your home’s energy efficiency
  • Behaviour changes to reduce energy usage
  • Green energy tariffs
  • Home renewables

We’ll look at the energy efficiency of your home, chat to you about your household behaviours and create a tailored action plan that you can follow. To find out more, you can book a free appointment with an impartial energy advisor. Email or visit the Cosy Kingdom website to get started.

Green Homes Network

Lots of people are already taking action to tackle the climate emergency at home. The Energy Savings Trust’s Green Homes Network is a searchable database of case studies submitted by people from around Scotland.

The network features people who have installed energy efficient and renewable measures in their homes. You can read case studies and get in touch with people who have already made their homes more climate-friendly.

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