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What We Do

An ambitious programme

Climate Action Fife is an ambitious five-year programme of climate action. We are a diverse partnership of 12 organisations with unique strengths, locations and local networks.

Together we are tackling the key areas of greenhouse gas emissions, including energy and heat, food and transport. We are working across all sectors and building capacity in communities and organisations across the region.

People in Fife want ambitious action on climate change. They want individuals, communities, government and businesses to work together to make it happen.

Programme strands

Our programme covers five strands that have a key role in reducing carbon emissions:

Climate Friendly Business

Climate Friendly Homes and Gardens

Climate Friendly Food

Climate Friendly Travel

Community Tree Planting and natural environment enhancement 

Our core team support each activity strand with engagement and training and capacity-building activities. Check out our events and resources to see how you can get involved in climate action.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

We work to ensure the project is fair and inclusive. At the core of our programme is a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. We are reaching out to groups who are ‘easy to ignore’ in our communities. We work with Fife Centre for Equalities and we are part of the Equalities Pathfinder programme.

Our project is reaching broader and deeper to involve and empower those who are not already taking climate action.

Grassroots community groups are key to delivering climate action. Many groups deliver activities that help to tackle the climate emergency, but don’t talk about it with their communities. We are building their capacity to engage the people they work with on climate change.

Our Public Sector Engagement Coordinator builds capacity across the public sector. She delivers training and helps organisations make tackling the climate emergency a key part of service delivery.

Year ONe Achievements

We’ve had a very successful first year. We have developed a strong partnership and delivered fantastic activities across our seven activity strands – often to more people than expected.

Through our activities, we have worked with more than 7,000 people to inspire climate-friendly behaviours and saved an amazing 18,644 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

You can explore our achievements on Sway.

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