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Everyday Cycling Fife


Our #EverydayCyclingFife campaign aims to get more people involved in cycling for everyday journeys. We want to show that you don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ to cycle and help you feel empowered to travel by bike. If you cycle your carbon emissions will be lower than if you chose any other form of transport. So use the hashtag on social media when sharing your everyday cycle journeys and help inspire others. 

Fife’s Cycle Info Hub

Climate Action Fife’s Cycle Info Hub is an online space where people can find information on all things cycling-related. We have lots of information specific to cycling on Fife’s roads and cycle paths. The Hub is constantly growing to include more information. Use our form to give us feedback and ideas on what to include in this online space.

Getting Started

If you are not cycling yet, have just started cycling or are getting back on a bike after a long time, these resources will help get you started.

Getting a bike

Basic bike repairs 

Near You

You’d be surprised at how many cycling activities are happening around Fife! There are organisations and events across the county aimed at getting people of all ages and abilities out on their bikes.

Organisations near you 

Events near you

Climate friendly travelling

Cycling emits the least amount of carbon, even less than walking. Cycling is one of the simplest lifestyle choices that most individuals can make to reduce their carbon footprint. This might sound surprising, but there’s research to back it up.

Climate friendly travel by bike

Driver Awareness

If you are a driver looking to improve your knowledge of driving safely around those cycling this is the place for you.

Drivers and Cyclists – The Highway Code

Top tips to support cyclists if you are driving a car


Find out how to report crimes related to bikes and cycling such as theft or an accident. You can also report issues and faults on the roads and cycle ways like potholes and obstructions.

Report a crime

Report faults

Cycling EVENTS

No event found!

More resources

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