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Climate Friendly Travel

Encouraging climate-friendly travel choices

Making climate-friendly travel choices can help people to cut their carbon footprint. Two key ways to do this are making more short-journeys by cycling and holidaying closer to home.

Encouraging cycling

During our Development Project, we published the Fife Community Cycling Action Plan. We now want to support communities across Fife to put the plan into action.

We coordinate a programme of events, training, led rides and bike maintenance classes. We work with three cycle hubs in Kirkcaldy, Buckhaven and Methil and the Ore Valley to do this.

We also working with Fife Council to feed into its transport and active travel strategies. And we work with transport companies, social and private landlords to improve bike storage across Fife.


Our trial project showed a need for a Fife-wide public education campaign aimed at showing cyclists, drivers and pedestrians how to share spaces with others.

Our Everyday Cycling Fife campaign aims to get more people involved in cycling for everyday journeys. We want to show that you don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ to cycle and help people feel empowered to make more journeys by bike.

Climate Friendly Holidays

We want to inspire people to holiday closer to home and make lower-carbon travel choices. We doing this through our climate friendly holiday campaign and events.

Flying is an extremely carbon-intensive way to travel. Our popular Staycation Lounge event encourages people to think about how their holiday choices can affect the climate.

We also run events with Fife College Travel and Tourism students to get them to consider how the climate emergency will affect their sector.

Visit our events page to see upcoming climate-friendly travel events.

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