Community Climate Grants

helping groups involve local people in climate action

We are working in partnership with Fife Climate Hub to offer Community Climate Grants. Funding is available to help community groups in Fife create climate action in their local area through events and activities, start climate projects and build capacity to deliver climate action.

Applying for funding is simple and the reporting requirements are straightforward.

Community Climate Grants

Two distinct grants are available. Groups can apply for both grants to receive up to £1,500.

The Small Grants Fund is open to any Fife community group who wants to work with their community on the climate emergency through events and activities. The Seed and Development Fund is open to any Fife community group who would like to start up a climate project or build their capacity to deliver climate action locally.

Projects should be delivered between 4th December 2023 and 3rd March 2024. We encourage applicants to use some of all of their funding during Fife Climate Festival (24th February 2023 – 3rd March 2024).

Applications for Community Climate Grants have closed.

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from local community groups or organisations who are based in, and working in, Fife. Previous applicants include community councils, church groups, botanic gardens and more.

We can only accept applications from constituted, non-profit-distributing organisations.

We are looking for applications from grassroots organisations that are community-led. Groups will need to have their own bank accounts or partner with organisations that do.

Fife Climate Festival

Fife Climate Hub is hosting Fife Climate Festival between 24th February and 3rd March 2024. This is a celebration of climate activity in the Kingdom. Grant recipients are encouraged to use all or some of their funding to organise activities during the festival.

Small Grants Fund

The Small Grants Fund can support any activity that engages your local community in the climate emergency. Your activities should increase knowledge and awareness of the climate emergency. We would also like it to increase skills and confidence to take climate action. You can apply for a grant of up to £500 to cover things like staff costs, volunteer expenses, event materials, room hire and marketing.

Activities must be aimed at people who are not already engaged in the climate agenda. They should get the climate conversation going in your community. For example, you might want to run climate-themed film showings, ‘climate conversation’ discussion groups, led walks with a climate change theme or a climate change litter pick. For inspiration, you can read case studies about the 15 projects the fund supported last year.

Seed and Development Fund

The Seed and Development Fund is open to any Fife community group who would like to start up a climate project or build their capacity to deliver climate action locally. Groups can apply for up to £1,000.

Groups can use the Seed and Development Fund to start up a new climate action project. For example, to set up a community fridge, community garden or a tool library. It can also be used to take forward existing climate action plans. The fund can be used as match funding for climate projects. The fund can be used to develop climate action plans for your community, for example to carry out feasibility studies or pay consultancy fees.

You can use funding to increase your group’s capacity to deliver climate action. This could include training costs, website development, volunteer expenses, utilities or running costs, learning visits to other projects and equipment.

More information

To find out more about Community Climate Grants you can watch a recording of our information event for community groups.

If you need more information, please contact Fife Communities Climate Action Network. Email

Fife Communities Climate Action Network

Fife Communities Climate Action Network (FCCAN) administer this funding as part of the Fife Climate Hub project and in partnership with Climate Action Fife.

Fife Climate Hub empowers community-led action on the climate crisis. We build capacity of existing community groups working on climate and deliver stronger collaboration between them. We reach beyond the climate engaged to grow a diverse network across Fife. We provide a voice for our members to influence local and national policy. Together we are driving change and strengthening climate resilience in Fife. 

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