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Mapping Fife’s trees and woods

HElp Put Fife’s Trees and Woods on the Map

We need your help to put Fife’s special trees and woods on the map. Use our Green Map to share your favourite woods and trees and help us find out where you would like to see more trees and hedges.

You can help ensure communities in Fife benefit from more trees and woods for generations to come.

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Fife’s special trees and woods

We need your help to highlight trees, woods and forests that are important to communities in Fife. This could be anything from a special tree on your street to a wooded area you like walk in. If you know of any special trees, woods or forests, please share them on our Green Map. You can share a short description, photos and links to websites and social media posts.

tree and hedge planting map

We want to celebrate communities who have carried out tree planting in their area and highlight opportunities to plant more trees and hedges across Fife. If you know of any potential sites for tree or hedge planting, or you have been involved in planting trees or hedges, please put them on the map. You can share a short description of the site as well as photographs.

Fruit tree planting map

As part of the A Fruit Tree for Every Garden in Fife campaign we want people to map the fruit trees in their gardens. You can include the type of tree (apple, pear, plum, for example) and the variety (such as Victoria plum). You can also add a photo.

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