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FCCAN members event: How can we stay centred when communicating about climate action?

FCCAN members event: How can we stay centred when communicating about climate action?

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Working on climate can be a challenging job. Sometimes people see you as the sustainability police and apologise when they see you, admitting that they’re not recycling or have missed a target. At others, you’re expected to be a cheerleader in order to influence people into action, which may not be easy when you yourself are worrying about the most recent extreme weather event.

Why attend the session?

The climate and ecological crises require us to be able to face contradictions without being overwhelmed. Join us in this session if you want to feel more calm when confronted with the contradictions of urgency and scale common in this domain. On one hand, nothing you do may ever feel like enough considering how big and fast we need to respond to meet new regulations and prevent more death and destruction. But on the other hand, urgency can lead to desperation and false solutions and we know wide-scale change takes time. We have to work at paces that create good relationships and foundations and doesn’t exhaust the people trying to ‘do the right thing’ for the environment.

What will we cover during the event?

For this interactive session, we’ll explore ways to contribute to climate advocacy that feels like ‘enough’ by reflecting more on how to stay in touch with what’s important to the people you’re talking with about climate issues. We’ll also do a collective practice that will help you stay grounded in future conversations when the contradictions of urgency for climate action and the necessity of working with natural cycles often lead to feelings of overwhelm and paralysis. Please come ready to journal and participate in small breakout groups!

Who is this session for?

This session is open only to members of Fife Communities Climate Action Network (FCCAN). If you are affiliated with an FCCAN member group and would like to attend, please email us on to be sent the event registration link. Please mention with which group you are affiliated.

Session facilitator

The session will be led by Dr Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs, Lecturer in Sustainable Design at the University of Strathclyde and Coach for Sustainability Professionals.




10:00 am - 11:30 am




Fife Communities Climate Action Network

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